Device for automatic navodnjavanjeTIFON 75/300 TIFONE are intended for irrigation of all kinds of crops irrespective of the method of growing on surfaces up to 3 acres, which allows the application of the individual or as a complement to large systems at state farms. Work TIFONE automatically. Winding up the hose is done turbine drive which allows the use of water from streams with mechanical admixtures. For the design characteristics vary TIFONE: 75, 82, 90, 100, depending on the diameter of the hose is wound which, of up to 300m. By changing the operating pressure and nozzle diameter is possible to regulate the speed of coiling hoses (5 - 10m / h) and the amount of rainfall (4 - 10mm). Without moving the unit from a position just by tilting it 180 ° can cover an area of 6 hectares. To transport the machine is sufficient and smaller tractors up to 30kW.

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insider trading doppio binario ">watch Rainy top Belongs sectoral sprayers and is mounted on a moving vehicle. Small dimensions of the material aluminum alloy and plastic allows easy transport, reliable operation and long life. anyoption login

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